Rendezvous with the lovely Miss. Sherman today;

And we were able to get the Peacock Mum’s piece off to a promising start!

We met, made some last minute design changes, expanding the peacock feathers a bet, decided on a color scheme for the new piece, and broke for a delicious lunch at Belfiore.

Then we sat down for a nice relaxed session!
I am usually super stringent with my own punctuality, but a  nice, uncluttered day like today, I find it is so pleasant to enjoy a great a meeting of minds, where artist and client can comfortably go with the flow of the day without pressure 🙂

With the design changes, we wound up a little short on daylight hours, so we decided to approach it by completing the flowers one at a time instead of one layer at a time over the whole piece.

We made good time; completing all the lining in less than an hour, and then taking our time laying in the layers of color to give the piece good dimension. And you can already see that devil starting to disappear!!

And in exciting news; Today I learned that she is currently in training to competing in a pageant in March!

Well lets all wish Miss Sherman luck with the competition, and
I will keep you posted  on the results!!

and remember, theres more to come, on this piece, so stay tuned! 🙂


Can’t wait to finish!!