Hehehehe sorry for the title 😉

I had the opportunity to participate in the most INCREDIBLE art show last weekend at the Historic Icehouse venue.
With 80 other artists, including painters, sculptors, tattooists, and graffitti artists contending for space, time and attention, my goal was not only to showcase my art, but to make sure that people remembered the name.

I wound up scaling the scaffolding to get half way up one of the Icehouse’s famous cathedral walls to hang a huge 4×8 foot painting, two hand-sewn banners, and taking advantage of the buildings exit foyer to create a temple housing my current paintings. I painted live along with artists such as Joness Jones, Yai Nosaur, Banding Hendrix, Tone Ly, and Answer Martin. With help from my awesome apprentice Morgan Harrington, and entourage, we made an EPIC event the valley is sure to remember.

Major thanks to Peter for letting me put together such an awesome installation, and to Jenn Deveroux for putting tother such an amazing event. Special thanks to all of the hundreds of art fans that came out to support. I appreciate every single one of you!! Thanks for making it a night to remember.


PS- In the rush of preparing for the event, however, I did neglect to bring my camera, so if anyone has more/better pictures of the event, please dont hesitate to email them to me directly or send a link!
a thousand thanks 🙂