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I Stopped to meditate for a minute in between appointments today,
I needed to let my mind clear of all of the chaos and frenetic activity of the last few days, and bring my energy back down from the spiking buzz of these last few pieces of news to just a low, musical hum.

I so rarely take the time to sit still and just appreciate things.

I sat indian style, in the middle of my floor, let my mind wander, and just lost track of time. I have no idea how long I sat there, but when I opened my eyes and saw my studio in an entirely new light.

Glancing around me, at the sketches, notes, works in process, it was marvel at what I’ve managed to build in just 5 short years.

So many, many things have happened here in this studio, so many connections made, introductions, transformations have taken place, so much growth and creativity, so many connections and introductions made, many of which have grown into rewarding and lasting friendships.

So whether¬†you have been there since The Opening in 2015, or if you’ve just turned up in the last few days, I thank you.
I am so grateful for your support and being able to provide the service to you that I provide, and thankful for the little pieces of yourselves that you leave with me.

2015 is a year just brimming with potential…
As the new year has begun, I have spent this first several weeks doing little more than planning. It is going to be an exciting year.
I still need your support, so please keep in close touch, and tune in and keep a close ear out for email updates, facebook posts, and instagram posts for updates!
I may be a little occupied or hard to reach with events and projects in these next few months, but I am always, always, Here.

Hope to see you all soon!