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Ethereal and ghostlike, Soul Retrievers wander the battlefield, collecting the souls of the fallen, challenging them to duels for chance to redeem themselves against their own judgement.
Figures from Greek and Asian myth, historical warrior princesses and queens that you’ve probably never heard of, and the complex denizens of my own imagination look hauntingly out from canvas and panel, beckoning you into their stories.

Powerful, defiant, dominant, looking down at their opponents, my Warrior Femme’s exude an air of pride and superiority.

With them, I explore and bring attention to themes of gender equality, sexual dominance; and seek to (rather dramatically) question and bring question to traditional gender roles within relationships and society.

While we do live in the remnants of a eons of traditionally male-dominated evolution, I feel that we are living on their ruins than in their midst. I wonder sometimes, if in today’s progressive world, it is not in part due as much to conditioning as to situation. (more…)

As a member of at least four minority groups, I know all too well:
No one gives anyone power. It is not within human nature.
You have to take it.

Rather than objectifying the characters, in overly sensualized magazine or comic book poses;
By arming and armoring the nude figures In my paintings, I encourage them to TAKE charge.

Not by the “power through request” of the traditional domestic partner, or even the power through manipulation of the sexually liberated modern single woman, but by the power of the historically oppressed:
By whatever means necessary.

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