Hawksbill Turtle tribal tattoo- also in progress :)

Hawksbill Turtle Tribal Tattoo- also in progress 🙂

Hello again! It has been QUITE awhile since I’ve gotten to post a proper entry on my blog here.

The advent of instagram (well, for me at lest, I’m a late bloomer) and the ease of posting pictures other places has pulled a lot of my reflections and daily posts there instead- please feel free to find my facebook page and instagram either in the sidebar to the right or at the footnote.

While that has become the home of my up-to-date posts, I intend to maintain this site, and am currently revamping it as a blog, showcase and online store for the projects I would like to keep readily available, and a store for the paintings, fine art, apparel, and accessories I have available for sale.

I am in the process re-categorizing my art work, updating content, reorganizing my portfolios and them reposting multiple galleries. Let me know what you think!!

But the project is gargantuan! So rather than taking the site down while I’m working, I decided to leave it up as I update. The process may take days or weeks- check back often, and feel free to leave any feedback or suggestions either via comment or by email! (And dont be surprised if it changes from click to click)

In the meanwhile, check out and follow me on instagram, facebook, pinterest, and tumblr, and please pardon my dust 🙂