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Some of you may have noticed, but I have begun an entirely new website. Because of the limitations of the old platform, we have recently moved to a new server, a new theme, and reorganized, added some new content, and added a STORE!

So stop in, snoop around, and tell me what you think! Subscribe to the site and email list to the right

SALE COMING! I will be adding new products regularly, as I get everything uploaded. Once I have my full line available to order, there will be an early bird special coupon code for prints and merch.


*Please feel free to come in and peer edit*

As always, as a one man show, I depend on YOU, my friends and colleagues to keep me on point.If you find any typos, dead links, or discrepencies, please drop me a line or copy and paste it to let me know!


PORTFOLIOS! I have been doing some amazing new work, and I am sure many readers and visitors are anxious to see their products added to the portfolio and/or blog. I have not been as diligent with my daily posts and uploads, though I have a TON of new writing, thought, news, and posts to share, so there here are years and years of photographs to sort, watermark, and upload. Please bear with me as I upload more photos! Please bear with me as I upload more photos! Please subscribe to the email list to the right, and check back regularly for updates!

BIG UPS AND THANKS TO BIGGIE MEANMUGG at www.meanmugg.com for helping me set everything up. This man is a boss at web design.

Thanks for viewing.