Finally got with the Young Brute today!!

Been a long time coming… When she found me again after over 2 years absence* I was super took another few months to get the design ironed down and have the opportunity to meet.

After our first session a few weeks ago, I was VERY happy to see how well her chest had healed… Couldnt wait to get to work!

Nikki wanted a chest piece, but she wanted it to be the anti-theses of the the neo-traditional american style heart piece. No girlies pink valentines, wings, stars, glitter, and swirlies for this Brute!!

So for this one, we scrapped those elements ususally popular amongs the girleez, and went instead with a biological heart, with the key to the locket driven into it. The open padlock with a broken chain symbolizing love and freedom. I loved the style we did the heart, we shaded it using hatching like an old turn-of-the century medical drawing, and pulled from an antique padlock. I wanted to continue that look with a deeply shaded, low color piece, but she also wanted to avoid the americana look. So we went with a deeply layered, tertiary color scheme using violet, purple, salmon  to put the dimention into the piece while letting the hatching show through.

Two sessions (although that 2nd was a long one!) and we are done and done!!