Fine Art For Bodies Terms Of Service


  • Cost and Payment
  • Scheduling, Arrival, Delays, Rescheduling, and Cancellation
  • Creative Process
  • Communication
  • Scope of Service


Fees and Billing Policy:

Consultation: One Hour Consultation/Design Session: $100

Hourly Session Rate: $150/HOUR

Deposits: A 50% deposit is due at the time of scheduling each appointment.
The Remaining Balance is due at the time of service.

Cancellation: 48 hour advance notice is required to cancel or reschedule an appointment without penalty.

Because your deposit represents earnest money paid in advance for time on the artists schedule that can never be recovered, if the artist receives less than 48 hours notice of rescheduling, your deposit may be forfeit.


Agreement To Pay

Our artists fees charged by the artist according to posted rates and terms.

Creative Process Terms of Service


The goal of the consultation is to answer questions, advance the visual and conceptual elements of the design. There is no guarantee of completion of the design.

We will discuss the details, go over your references and my own, and start sketching, drawing, patterning, and whatever steps are necessary to begin composing and designing your tattoo.

There is no deliverable for the consultation, meaning there is no photos, drawings, sketches, notes, etc.

You are paying for time used, and service rendered.

There is a $100.00 design fee charged for your first session, which will begin  cover the time we spend while developing your tattoo.

If we do not need the entire time we will prorate your $100 and apply it towards your next session, and if we need extra time we will schedule more design time at my normal hourly rate.

At the close of this process, if we have completed the design  to your satisfaction, we will schedule your first tattoo session. If we have not completed the design we will schedule further design time at our normal hourly rate, or complete it during your initial tattoo session prior to tattooing.

Tattoo Sessions
Tattoo Sessions begin at the time of at the sooner of the beginning of your session time and at the time the artist is ready to begin work.
Clients are billed for your artists time on job. This includes all of the process constituting work performed towards your tattoo, which may include drawing, changes, discussion, research, setup, breakdown, stenciling, placement, replacement, equipment maintenance, reasonable breaks.

At Fine Art For Bodies we are patently able to perform the high level of dedicated service specifically because our artists are compensated fairly for their time, and not rushed or pressured by being expected to create top level art without fair compensation.

At the Artists Discression Reasonable concessions will be made for any time spent NOT on job, time lost due to artist delays, excessive or special breaks needed due to emergencies etc.



We are working to stay on top of constantly changing communication standards and technology, incorporating, phone, text, email, and various social media platforms.

Text and Social Media Communication

Social Media is and has been an ever-changing factor.
Many conversations begin via social media, text messages, in-person conversations, events, etc.

While many tattoo shops and artist are unavailable outside of the shop phone or scheduling process, we strive to remain active on the art scene and available via text message and other social media platforms. Please bear in mind that individual artist social media and lives are their own, and access to our individual artists personal social media platforms is a privilege, granted and managed at their discretion, and not subject to shop or any professional standards are requirements.

Because it can be difficult to manage, it can at times fall behind or be missed or lost completely, please do not rely on social media or text to communicate.

Please keep in mind that  not we are not often able to view or receive text or social media communication during the course of a normal day.

For these reasons,
No text messaging or social media interactions are to be considered to be current, instantaneous, ongoing, official, or guaranteed form of communication.

These means MAY be used to gather pertinent background and contact information, with the priority that once this information is gathered in one place, we will have a pre consultation phone call.
Subject to artists discretion, all scheduling, consultation, discussion shall be held via phone or in person.

Phone and Email Communication Only

Posted Communication policy is that we receive client communication via phone call and email only.

We will always attempt to return emails in the order in which they were received;

However, Although response times can vary and may be soon or instantaneous, due to the nature and volume of communication received, we can not guarantee a response time or that we will be able to attend to or even necessarily reliably receive every message or contact attempt sent.

We strongly encourage phone calls which are answered and returned with the most immediacy as frequently as possible.
If we unfortunately miss your contact attempt, we encourage you to please continue to reattempt.

For the Above Reasons, no lack or lapse in communication will constitute a lack or fault of service or be considered grounds for complaint.


On a personal note: The development of this section is in direct response to client experiences we have had over the years.  I am of the personal opinion that the entitlement to 24/7 access to other human beings and their time that I feel that social media has brought us is worrisome.  Not may people may understand the level to which receiving massive volumes of messages and correspondence over numerous inboxes every day can exhausting. Please be patient with us in this area, understand that our hands are busy and unable to view phones and/or type during the vast majority of our workdays, and may or may not have support staff leaving little time for correspondence outside of scheduled session time.

In all cases, if your communication is not returned promptly, please do not feel ignored and assume that it may have simply been overlooked or not received. Please do not hesitate to try again or by a different means, (at a reasonable frequency and within a reasonable amount of time.)


We do not currently have a system in place to offer automated confirmations.

We ask that our clients take on the responsibility to gather the necessary information to calendar their appointments and arrive at the studio at the time of scheduling, or prior to your appointment time.

If you have any questions or need information prior, please do not hesitate to call, (remembering that we are not often able to view text messages during the course of the day)  but rest assured that when your appointment is made it is made, no confirmation is required on your part.


Client is expected to arrive sober, on time, appropriately attired, and ready to be tattooed for tattoo sessions.
Please remember that the health of both you and other clients depends on maintaining a sanitary environment.
If the client does not arrive in a condition ready to be tattooed, the artists reserves the right to reschedule your appointment and a cancellation fee may be charged.


(a hopefully temporary section:)
As medical as well as creative professionals, Fine Art For Bodies, stands with our healthcare workers and the general public in taking all precautions to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in 2020 and beyond.

In addition to the established hospital level sanitization and sterility guidelines
Masks are required for all guests and visitors in the studio.

Disposable Masks and hand sanitizer are available and can be provided free of charge; Designer masks are available for a fee.

Access to Lobby is restricted to clients immediately awaiting their tattoo sessions.

Furthermore that We Ask that you:
Please limit the number of guests with each client.

Please ask before browsing items, and refrain from unnecessarily handling objects in the lobby.

Respect other clients in the Lobby by maintaining 6 foot distance at all times.

For information on how to prevent the spread and how these measures work, please ask your artist or visit: