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Here are some of my favorite tattoos from over the years.

I have chosen not to organize my portfolio by traditional categories such as “color” and “black and grey”, I find them too broad, addressing technical aspects and not the artistic content of a piece by which people search.
Instead, I have organized my work by their genre or interest, and invite the viewer you to examine each tattoo for technical excellence: line quality, smoothness of shading, color saturation.

To view specific categories, please click below, use the search menu to the right, or go to the blog to scroll through archives or search by topic, subject matter, your name, etc.

Fine Art, Abstract, and Watercolor Tattoos

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC sabur-migawari Sacred Geometry and Blackwork harajuko-lores SONY DSC

Sacred Geometry Mandala Morgan Gatekeeper apprentice Tariq Sabur Tempe Arizona Fine Art For Bodies radial 20121226_192013 SONY DSC

Traditional, Neo Traditional, and Culturally and Artistically Asian-inspired tattoos.

Fu Dog Lion Japanese Family Crest Sakura tree Cherry Blossom asian tattoo tempe fine art for bodies tattooist tariq sabur studio 6

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Tariq Sabur Tempe Tattoo artist fine art for bodies swan black and grey female backpiece tattoo crane female nude SIG-DSC06701Realism and Portraiture.

There are various levels of realism that can be achieved with a tattoo.

Would you like to see a photograph of the subject reproduced in skin? A comic book version of it? Or something more like an  illustration of a carving or sculpture of the subject?

Please feel free to use images for inspiration, but not for copying. Many of these images are my own or client’s original intellectual property.
As always, thank you for viewing.


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God is in the details…


Lotus Mandala Sacred Geometry

Lotus Mandala Sacred Geometry


Compass Tattoo

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