Tariq Sabur is a Man Of Many Hats.

No seriously, he wears a lot of hats.

All the time.
Seriously.  All. The. Time.
(“It’s cuz he’s bald” -Lotus)

The informal version.

Lol. I am Tariq Sabur.  I have a ridiculous sense of humor that I have a REALLY hard time taming lately, and a boundless amount of energy, that I ALSO have a really hard time getting a handle on, but…

I am extremely passionate about both my tattooing and my art.

I am largely self taught, having been mentored in my early career by Banzay Tattoo in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. The mentorship was different than any apprenticeship, in that I had to learn how to survive, grow up, and speak a foreign language, in another country with little support, while learning to tattoo, with tattooing and art as my sole means of making it… It was a true trial by fire. So all in all I’d say it gave me a firm start.  😉

Since, I have been fortunate enough to (realize industrial design was NOT for me, and) study studio art and Art History in the US and abroad, engage in painting, body painting, live art, and everything I could do to involve myself in the art scene.

Currently, I am much more focused on the studio aspect of tattooing and furthering my artwork in that arena.

Fine Art For Bodies started based on the philosophy that the body is the ultimate canvas, to be embellished, complimented with every stroke, and above all respected, and that tattooing could be MORE than it was. In reaction to the horrible tattoos I was seeing around Phoenix as a youth,  and the things that I would be told about the limits of the medium when trying to get an apprenticeship, I decided that it would be up to me to push the envelope of both the artwork and the medium.

As soon as I started to push, I realized that I was not alone, and I am NOT by far on the cutting edge of anything.
It was at first a very humbling experience, and then a very galvanizing one: I am NOT the only one, there are legions of my elders and betters that have had the same idea. So rather than discouraging me, it made me realize: must be a good one.

Early focus was on  custom design processs, giving people what they want! While I still offer that service, I am currently shifting my focus towards my own fine art pieces, creative control (hot link to:)