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The Fine Art For Bodies


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The Fine Art For Bodies: Inked Muses

A Different Kind of Inked Model

Photo shoots | Fashion | Runway | Fitness | Festival | Product | Event | Performance | Sports | Fine Art

Spokesmodels | Brand Ambassadors

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The Fine Art For Bodies Inked Muses are a team of tattooed and un-tattooed, male and female, art, fashion, and promotional models and brand ambassadors.
True to the fine art for bodies mission and philosophy, this small team of talented women and men are dedicated to representing the epitome of class, eloquence, talent, education, and professionalism, bringing a touch of class and distinction to the traditional Inked Model image.

We are now available for discerningly selected professional photo shoots, art and fashion events, conventions, performances, art shows, and brand ambassadorship.

More information coming soon!