I was sitting here reflecting today on what an awesome clientelle I have been fortunate enough to cultivate.

Through my connections in the art scene from my previous life as an entertainer, I get to do a lot of work for other artists, models, actors, models, dancers…
And I feel like the sophistication that I exude from myself in every piece has garnered me favor among a more discerning audience I’ve tattooed Doctors, nurses, lawyers… I’ve even tattooed an astronaught!

I was recently  found by an oooold client of mine, from way back when I used to work at Living Canvas Tattoo. (It was a brief stint, and illustrative of the reasons I never lasted long at commercial shops, but fun and a positive learning experience. Definitely one of my more amicable separations 🙂

She was barely 19 when she came in for that first tattoo, but we really synchronized, jamming on creative energies. I touched up an existing leopard-print tattoo and customized and adapted She told me she was in music, and traded a ticket to her concert (which happened to be on my birthday) as partial credit for her tattoo.  She came back after I’d gone, but refused to get tattooed anywhere else until she’d tracked me down.

And when she did? The girl became a damn rockstar. For real.

So it prompted me to started an album on Facebook today entitled “SEEN” to highlight some of these amazing people, and to lend some exposure those whom, like me, depend on that exposure to make their way in the world.

Cuz my customers are AWESOME 🙂