Finally got to sit down with a good friend to complete her tattoo.

This is one that has been a long-time in the making, Since our dance-crew days, she’d been interested in getting tattooed.

The opportunity finally came prior to her moving out of state. I often find that changes like travel, moves, graduations, and other  life changes provide us with a reason to finally do  what we’ve been waiting for.

She wanted a rosary reprenting her faith, but also wanted to represent here Phillipino heritage, so we inserting the elements of the Phillipino flag into the piece, and chose to generate an original decorative cross, giving me the opportunity to turn something common into something very special and very original to the wearer.  A little more complicated than it seems, we had to actually mathematically calculate the measurements to fit the accurate number of prayer beads. So we started, as always, by freehand sketching the piece in place to determine the best layout to compliment the client’s figure, and taking measurements,and then proceeded with the design accordingly.

The end result is elegant, feminine, and unique.

Happy travels and best luck with the move!