Just linework at this point, but I’m really excited about this piece.

Its been way to long since I did one of these pieces…
I’ve been studying and exploring a lot of different styles lately, both on my own, and as I’ve approached a lot lately with different fine art pieces.
Album covers, full customs, fine art pieces, couture work, illustrative work, water color tattoos, tattoos of artists’ fine art and paintings, all of which is well within what I would list as my specialties.

You do a few excrutiatingly detailed Esao Andrew’s pieces, execute them well, and you get a flood of people who wouldn’t trust anyone else with it.

But if I could choose one thing to specialize in, it would be these neo-traditional Japanese work.
My studio is papered with drawings and paintings in this style in various stages of completion, and I used to do these 3-4 days out of the week- I would do these all day.
It was nice to get a return to my old norm 🙂

It started with a a few marker lines…
This is a true freehand, meaning there was never a drawing of this tattoo extant anywhere except in its tattoo form. It is drawn directly onto the skin, refined very carefully, and then tattooed 🙂