If someone had done some of this stuff 2000 years ago, they might have been worshipped as a god!!! lol ~;)
What a jump-starter for a sleepless morning!!

Stumbled on this video today on my old friend Thaís’s page:
She was 17 when we met. Turned 18 and got her first tattoo. Liked to party, hang out with friends, draw, sew, smiled a lot 🙂

Dreamed of becoming a fashion designer.

About a week ago, she was interviewed for Spanish TV about her July 2010 exposition at the  Ada Art Gallery in Barcelona, Spain.
For real.
*                                            *                                                              *                                               *
What a way to start the day!
My new “roommate” came home excited at 3:00, and roused me with conversation much too long for what was left of the night, leaving me quite awake.
at 6:30 am.
I might have gone back to sleep.
Instead, I’ll go work out and see if I can rouse my little partner for breakfast.
Then I’ve got some characters* to draw before starting the workday 🙂
Tripping on how many links are appropriate in this post.
Enjoying the interconnectedness of life right now.
And good morning to you!

On this particular day, I bid you all: Remember Your Potential.