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Lotus Skull


The Skull Studies Series:
A study of natures perfect construction through the intricacy and geometry of the skulls of exotic animals.


Lotus Skull

The Skull 
The skull symbolises many things in almost every human culture, life, death, and renewal. It is also one of nature’s most intricate structures, can not be manufacured, sculpted, or produced, only grown.
See the Skull Studies collection for an exploration of the perfection of nature’s through the intricacy, specialization and geometry of the skulls of exotic animals.

Lotus Symbolism
Flowers are also complex expressions of nature’s beauty. Symbolic of life, abundance, and vibrancy, they are not only the face and the sigil, but the very reproductive organs of the plants they adorn.

The Lotus is a powerful symbol of life, renewal, strength in the face of adversity, and the divine in every location where it natural occurs, for its tendency to take root in the muck at the bottom of some of the least choice locations, grow through swampy and dirty waters, to blossom at the surface unmarred.

In addition for it’s peculiar ability to actually actively move to follow the sun during the course of the day, and then retreat back into the water during the night.

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