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Fine Art For Bodies has become a leading name in tattooing over the past 10 years.

We have established and maintained a competitive market share, built a sound location, become closely affiliated with several other top local locations, become recognized in our industry, and trained, networked with, and inspired top artists.
All with zero startup capital.

We are now entering an aggressive growth stage where we are improving and expanding our business, building our team, launching new products, services, and lines of business, and exploring new locations, with the goal of continuing to push the envelope of what defines quality in the fine art tattoo and custom body art industry.

To aid in this expansion, we are now seeking sponsorship from the private sector.

New programs are being developed to encourage investment with an aggressive return on investment.
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Any updates, and crowd-sourced funding initiatives or offers (always with value-enhanced incentives) will always be posted here;
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