Could not believe my look to be able to paint live with the legend himself, Alex Grey, at the 10th Annual Dieties and Demons Masquerade.

The Art, music, and performances were amazing, followed by discussions into the early AM hours amidst meditative gong sound healing… Words can not begin to express what it was to be present for this Life-Making experience.

So many attractions and features culminated in a raging Bonfire crackling in the centre of it all, accentuated by a statuesque female performer cracking a flaming fire whip- an apparatus I had never seen before or since.

It was such an experience throughout the night listening to various speakers, meeting amazing artists, performers and other individuals visiting the mansion, while

Alex and Alyson Grey painted and dissertated on their respective philosophies; Alyson on the ascription of meaning and symbolism in her work, Alex on the universality of the wisdom found in the worlds religious, and on the status of the building of The Sacred Mirrors, his Temple of visionary art.

The whole night culminated for me in the stunning performance of Ka Amorestraya’s piece– my partner and I were literally brought to TEARS by the beauty and expression of her movement with her handmade “Serpent Feathers” articulated wing apparatus.

The next day we went on a beautiful walk into the woods exploring the grounds, right up to the neighboring areas.

New York in the fall has a magic all its own, and it is something that I have never seen parallelled anywhere else: This was a homecoming for me- I grew up in this neighborhood.

Thank you Alex and Alyson Grey for welcoming us!
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