“All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night….wake in the day to find that it was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes, to make it possible.”
-T.E. Lawrence

            “Fine Art For Bodies” describes Tariq Sabur’s exclusive method of custom tattooing, where each tattoo begins with the client’s ideas and is tailor-fit to their body.

            With exquisite mastery of color, realism, and detail; and an attentive, client-centered design process, the Artists of Fine Art For Bodies offer a rewarding tattoo experience and add an artistic edge to any style of tattoo.

 “Fine Art For Bodies” is more than just the name of a service.
It is the manifestation of the belief that getting a tattoo should be a personalized, transformative, evolutionary, visual and sensory experience.”

Our artists pride ourselves on being active members and promoters of the Phoenix Art Community, providing a variety of  artistic services, from Fine Art, to murals, airbrushing, body painting, and taking part in or facilitating art, culture, and community events valleywide and hosting small shows and openings at our home studio.

Currently exploring expanding the definition of  the Fine Art For Bodies Brand to include all manner of body art.
Our Artists specialize in numerous tattoo and artistic styles please view their individual pages for their portfolios and Artist’s Statements.

Joey Formiga is a talented fine artist, illustrator, painter, and full time professional tattooist based in Phoenix, Arizona. He has been a part of Fine Art For Bodies since March of 2020.

Joey Specializes in Black and Grey Tattooing, Realism, Portaiture, and Animal tattoos, and his favorite medium is Airbrushing.

His artistic Inspirations include Neo-Classicism and Antiquity as we all as traditional and contemporary  Chicano artwork.  His Airbrush work can be seen here:

Joey is an avid traveler and has traversed the globe to many places unknown both domestic and abroad seeking inspiration and spiritual enlightenment, (often leaving Tariq behind to fend for his poor, lonesome, child-encumbered self. ) He will often travel with his own video/media team and they produce media of epic proportions. It is rumored that they may one day create a reality show.

In his spare time Joey enjoys working out, rock climbing, Capoeira, Samba and Latin dancing, and practicing piano, which he can often be found in the lobby playing. One day we will have a shiny Ebony Grand Piano and Angel Hands will create the atmosphere.

If you are interested in being tattooed on the East Coast, or West Coast please specify in your email.

To read more of  Joey’s bio and vitae, please click here.