Photography by Marissa Oldham of
(Used with permission.)

Original Painting by Mrs. Dayal the senior.
(Approval granted post-production- sometimes you ask permission, sometimes you earn it 😉

This original tattoo is now some years ago, but nevertheless remains one of my favorite stories to tell…

I believe Mrs. Dayal created this painting of the goddess Dhurga for her coming daughter while she was still expecting.

Miss Dayal the younger brought it to me one day, twenty years later, considering tattooing it on herself.

She entrusted it to me, and I (with the greatest of care) released it from its framing, traced it, and replaced it in its frame.

When I called Miss Dayal back to fit and manipulate it, we found that it fit perfectly on her back exactly as is.
I never had to change it a bit.

Perfect! and fitting… 😉

Funny how things can seem so pre-destined sometimes.
What an illustration of how we can find that perfect piece of art and it can be sooo right for us