Funny how things work out.

Visit from my good friend Jason today.

Great friends since highschool, he was confident in my skills and gracious enough to let me do  one of  my earliest tattoos…
I think I was still in my single digits!!

A tribal dragon. (I insisted on doing the traditional style, but I was unable to convince.)

So I laid in the initial outlines, and  we broke sesh. Later, he  actually had it finished by Adrian Dominic, (in the traditional style!! lol!)

(Have to say, Adrian killed it. He has since gone on to become one of the valleys more celebrated talents! Studied under Nick Baxter… friggin phenomenal artists and good guys, all. Check out his work here)

Since, Jason and I recently got back in touch- after going to the same design school for about 4 years and never even knowing it!

Game on like we never missed a beat-
We’ve been working on some awesome graphics and fashion collaboratives ( coming soon…) while he refines his industrial design portfolio. (Check back for his website hotlink! which will be available *ahem* *AS SOON AS HE EMAILS IT TO ME* lol 😉

And now that I have my own shop, (and a little more experience under my belt) he’s excited to get back under the needle!

So we`re going to give it another go- today we re-visited the design, looking for ways to add another few coils to the dragon, maybe eventually finish it with a Phoenix on the other side, and cap it off with some crest work… Some great ideas flowing… cant wait to get this underway…

Stay Tuned!