Just completed this sketch for a VERY esteemed colleague of mine.
We wanted the fu dog to appear ferocious, imperial, and noble. So I modeled it after a statue we have here in the shop.

Been discussing this tattoo since we first tattooed him some years ago.

The mood in the air is ecstatic.

Pete Salaz owns and runs One of the best clubs in Phoenix: Bar Smith, in Downtown.

They have been hosting THE longest running dance party that I’ve ever heard of- Red Monkey, Batucada, and now Solstice Saturdays have been going strong on a weekly basis for over 25 years in the Phoenix area, and have been host to some of the best local national, and international deejays we’ve seen. It started my partying career when I was a teen, and I’m still going strong!

SUPER proud to tattoo mega DJ Pete “Supermix” Salaz!!
Can’t wait to finish the tattoo 🙂


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