Finally Finished this piece some time ago…
(And it of course took me another several months longer to post… *Sigh*)

One of the tattoos I’m most proudest of lately: 
“Echinacea” by Esao Andrews
Finally Finished!! This one took a while to reproduce this one suuuper faithfully, but I think I killed it down to the last color and detail.
I often do reproduction tattoos of fine art pieces, (I’ve actually done a few of his if you scroll down, as well as a few artists like Mimi Yoon, Audrey Kawasaki, Mucha… bad asses, all.) Sometimes you have to summarize or compromise detail for the tattoo medium. But on this one, I was able to keep the fidelity level at like 99.9%

Thanks for my client for her patience with my obsessiveness, and for sitting like aboss.
Check out Esao Andrews work- this dude is one of the best surrealist painters out these days.

P.S- here are some of the progression and reference shots :SONY DSC Esao Andrews echinacea tattoo gentleman bug abstract watercolor realism tattoo Tempe TAttoo Artist tariq sabur fine art for bodies-edit sig hires-PAINTING