I had the pleasure of making it down to Fell’s Point with my lovely sister (who is with child) this morning!

Fell’s Point is a beautiful old dock in Baltimore’s Harbor…

I enjoyed an awesome toy store, an awesome record shop, and dropped in to visit one of Baltimores older and more respected tattoo shops.
Most of all  I enjoyed immensely being next to the water again.

I have always been fascinated boats, and all I could think about was how one day I was going to have a “ship with a crane.” (Shipping!! Wouldn’t that be the ultimate retirement job? It’d be like being a space pirate!!) Haha 😉

So I was Super Amped (technical term) to see a flight of A-10 Warthogs overhead- that’s always been my favorite airplane.

Down at the point, I picked out some new monster vinyl’s for The Pants, a build-your own flute for my mancub, and we  had some of the best Pizza in town at BOBS. A very nice afternoon 🙂