At long last I got to tattoo a very special client today! A little intimidated by her previous artist, she still sat and was not satisfied with her tattoo or the experience at all. She has a very high sensitivity to tattooing, and didn’t feel they tried to meet her request, so it has been years since she’s gone back under the needle.

Owner of a prominent dance studio, full time choreographer, performer, and leader of the reknowned 5 Foota Thrillaz, it is a rare day indeed that our busy schedules mesh. But this day she was able to come in for a quick hour to consult on how she wanted to re-do her Sakura blossoms.

The heavier-handed style of her previous artist presented a rare and difficult challenge, but  after carefully discussing and planning how she actually wanted it to appear, I tried, and actually succeeded in making the flowers LIGHTER and more delicate instead of darker and heavier in a coverup.

We use a super fine needle, a light hand, and a Special Patented Pain Management Technique! (which basically involved chanting the names of soft things like marshmallows and gummy bears.) I hope we managed to make the experience more enjoyable!

Patiently awaiting the next one!