1) THE SPIRIT OF THE PROMOTION is to give you, a discount on tattoo time, in the spirit of giving and thanks 🙂 It is not designed to guarantee completion or a determined amount of progression on a new, ongoing, specific, or any tattoo.

2) AS SUCH: Any prices discussed during this promotion are NOT QUOTES or estimates, they are strictly for the purpose of determining how much credit one can consider buying.

3)No refunds will be given for any reason. Including in the case of overage or shortage of time purchased; Future purchases of additional session time will not be eligible for promotional rate.

To Mitigate this foreseeable concern:

  In the case that there is more credit than needed for a client’s tattoo (or tattoos!,) purchased credit may be given, gifted, sold or transferred to friends or other parties (in this case, a paper or virtual credit receipt may be issued for remaining credit as proof for your records.)

In the case that credit purchased is insufficient to cover the tattoo requested, whether discussed beforehand or determined later, future credit or session time can be purchase at future current hourly rate or future promotional rates.

4) Per normal operating terms, billable time will include any consultation, design, drawing, and prep time. (This does not include phone calls or emails, or late night bar conversations- these services are free.)  As always, this is based on the progressive principle that the more work that you put into thinking out, planning, and planning  your own tattoo, the clearer and more complete it will be, the less input you will need from your artist, and the more efficiently we will be able to complete it. The more creative work, physical work, time and research that you expect your artist to put into it, the higher quality you will receive, therefore the more it will cost.

5) Scheduling will depend on artist’s availability.
You may purchase or reserve session time without scheduling the appointment at this time. If unable to schedule your appointment before the expiration date of the terms of purchased credit, you may discuss, at artist’s discretion a means to find a solution to extend expiration date or assist with transfer or sale of credit, but in no circumstance will refunds be given. (Your credit will still be good, but any applicable terms may update to current.)

6) Normal terms apply, Please review full terms and processes on