During hard times like these, it is important to remember that even great work can be done affordably.

Everyone knows that when it comes to tattoos, the general rule is “you get what you pay for.”
The more time that you spend on art, the deeper, richer, and more beautiful, the image will appear, therefore  art is the ultimate expression of the principle.
But there is a way to make it so even the valuable can be affordable:
“Aos Poucos:” Bit by bit 😉

More Often than not, I find that people get caught up in wanting to have a tattoo done all at once. (At this I usually just chuckle to myself, and let them know its okay if they need to break it down into more than one session. Only the MOST seasoned and *well prepared tattoo-vets sit for more than a few hours, no matter how gung-ho they are in the beginning.)

Not only is it impractical for the sitting tolerance, but to the wallet. As with so many other things, its hard to save up for a large tattoo. As we save and save for larger items, life goes on, and whether trivial or essential, smaller things keep popping up that wind up chipping away at those funds and we wind up never reaching our goal.

Though the median price of a good-sized tattoo is usually about $250, (with a minimum of 60 and a 1000-1500 investment not uncommon for a sleeve or backpiece,) the vaaaast majority of tattoos are completed in 2 or more sessions.
$100-$300 dollars is usually enough to outline just about any piece, and we can continue in sessions appropriate to your finances.

Great session today with one of the neighborhood youngstas, jamming to Linkin Park, Manu Chao, Rammstein, and Fort Minor:

Nice clean lines on Life and Death roses for each shoulder to compliment the pre-existing quote. Click below for the closeup!
And stay tuned for the completion!
Todomundo sabe que quando chega ao tatuagem, “o barato pode sair caro…”

Mas tem jeito pra fazer que caro pode sair barato:
Aos poucos 😉

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