A little coverup action via my Abstract Gestures style… 🙂

I have been getting more and more requests for these- making me VERY happy!

I have always felt it was somewhat disrespectful to appropriate the visual/graphic/symbolic language

s of tribal and indigenous cultures with little or no respect to the cultural context from which they are borrowed: These tattoos aren’t “tribal”; We’re not from a tribe.”Abstract Gestures” was my way of taking an object/idea/image and creating black abstract designs for them while remaining respectfully observant of the heritage of the many tribal/indigineous cultures for whom tattoos are heirloom and history as well as adornment.
And for comic relief, by client request…
Before: A drunken Miami mistake…
My messy “in-progress” shot…
And finally, after: A very happy couple. Needless to say, she is not Diana 😉
Tommorrow, I’ll try to make time and see if I can upload some snaps of the development process for a complex coverup like this… it’s really pretty cool 🙂