Today we began work on what is going to be an amazing piece!
Diane and I met earlier to discuss details… She wanted something colorful and amazing and to make a full sleeve out of it. We have great chemistry- we’ve been long time friends and I have given her some minor tattoos before, so she know’s what I am about…We hung for a few moments, mashed ideas, and synchronized speed, and she just gave me creative license to run with it! So I sketched a peacock on her arm, and we shared some reference images…  by the time when the sketch was complete… the mood was irie and all systems were go!

I had to work with her on pricing, so we financed it in three parts for the two sessions.
(Often color layering can a little more pricey, be but it is always worth the investment.

My philosophy is price should never a barrier to quality:  a tattoo is a lifetime investment, and it is yours for ever. So it can be layered and added to over time. So rather than leave a piece incomplete, I try to keep a piece looking finished as possible in as few sessions as possible within a clients budget (although there are necessary stopping points- no one sits for a 5-10 hour tattoo at once.)
Then with subsequent sessions we can make it look better and better.)

So for todays session we began with a ghostline (some will call it “blood-lining” but it doesnt bleed! lol) and began layering in the colors. We actually got pretty far for the first day!

Cant wait to come back and finish!