Its always the best feeling to break first skin on timid, trepid entrant into the tattoo world
only to discover them to have been a total ink-o-phile waiting to be discovered.

Walking with them through the range of emotions experienced, the disbelief, the timidness, the trepidation, reassuring them through the barrage of questions;
The excitement, the JUMP at the first bite of the needle… helping them breath through it… and then the realization that its “not that bad!”
The endorphin rush upon reaching that point where you realize you barely feel it anymore.

The sense of pride and accomplishment upon completion… The “instant conceit” in the mirror.

And then the flash flood of ideas for the next few…

One can’t help but feel like I’ve helped to discover something great.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you: Miss Campbell
More to come!