Got home at about 2:45, all aglow from a good night.
I’m waxing a bit biographical right now… please pardon my sentiment… lol!)

I attended the Popping and locking workshop masterclass taught by Poppin John and @Random, at The Jukebox, learned some new techniques to mix in with my style.
Afterwards, I went up to give my new friend Jonie a little going away card at her going away party at Siracha Lounge.

She’ll be going back overseas to serve as an air traffic controller.
We just met, but working together on her chest-piece we connected well- super cool young lady with a gift for good conversation 🙂
I am sad to see her go! but fortunately she will be back soon 🙂
At the same time good to reconnect with the FP Production family.

Such an amazing crew of talented, talented professionals: dancers, music, deejs, mc’s, musician’s poet’s… (often in the same persons.) Female Prophecy, FP Productions,  I feel blessed to be a part of
or to have been once…

This was the last dance company that I was in.

Believe it or not, in my previous life I was actually a performing artist.
I’ve been in some pretty prominent companies and on a few pretty world-class stages…
Once the needle-bug bit me, I was done for, but it was not an easy transition…
After a promising start and a good first couple of years run, I was making real headway in the dance world.
But, I realizing that tattooing was a full time job and dance was a full-time job, I had to make a decision.
It turned out to be one of the more difficult decisions I ever made:

Anyone who’s had to say good by to their  first love will understand…
But if they’ve since found their true love, they’ll identify.

I was so in love with dance and martial arts, and unfortunately had to say goodbye to dedicate myself more fully to my craft…
An unfortunate side effect of becoming a full-time inkdoctor was falling off the scene and losing touch with the FP fam and community,

In the meanwhile, we’d see each other out and about, hang out once in awhile… but it wasnt the same as weekly rehearsals,  roadtrips, performances, and afterparties.

Years later, when I had the opportunity to do the Phoenix Masterpiece for one of my former crew mates (who will remain here un-named* ), it brought a flood of new attention to the fact that I hadnt just disappeared, I was actually off somewhere doing things…
Being able to reconnect through that very same craft has felt somewhat prophetic.

Since then I’ve been glad to have much more frequent rendezvous, with a few friends  keeping me constant company at the shop and having random meet ups and outings, but tonight was the first time i got to hang in a non-professional capacity in a while! (especially in a non-club venue where we can actually hear each other talk… lol) really just kick back and relax together.

It was such a pleasure  watching Rae and Leah’s antics, (for two amazing dancers these two are some of the silliest, down to eather girls ever) listening to DJ Psychopat putting down some awesome tracks, making new connections…
and catching up with old friends.

Good drinks, good company, good times.
Mad love to the whole FP fam,

and all the best to Jonie E.! Be safe and come back soon!